Welcome Swatch Queens,

As a beauty enthusiast I’m always searching for something to add to my collection, my hoard of makeup that’s in immaculate condition. With that being said my daily expense at my local drug store or online shopping at
the leading beauty stores wasn’t enough for me. I NEEDED MORE (sick right). Only a true makeup junkie can understand the euphoria I feel when I get something new. I belong to three monthly subscriptions, two of them I am absolutely infatuated with and the other I’m still not sure about. Can you guess which is one of my favorites? I’ll give you a hint the packaging is a metallic hot pink color and curated specifically for the individual receiving I this piece of heaven every month. IPSY monthly subscription hasn’t disappointed me yet, I love everything about them this company, the packaging, the perfectly theme appropriate makeup bag you receive along with five samples according them his your likes and dislikes, the spoiler alerts as well. Think about it for the price of a mascara you get a personalized makeup bag and five beauty items from different top brands like Tarte, The Balm, Luxie to name a few . The best part of this subscription is that you get to try and review each item you receive in exchange for points that are kept tally of till you redeem them for additional items sent with your following month’s bag. You can earn 250 points just for referring friends (they have to become a subscriber though). This month’s bag is a super cute clear bag with ice cream cones and popsicles all over it, reminds me of summertime, the nostalgia of being a kid again and running towards the Lickety Split truck to get a cone on a hot day. My first item is the Urban Decay Afterglow 8 hour powder highligher in Sin, love the pigmentation of this product, universally flattering, the next item is the Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara by It cosmetics. I personally have to keep using it to see if it really is stretching my eyelashes because I have pretty good natural lashes, another item I received was a lip fondant by Caked makeup, in the shade Low Key which is anything but,this a new one for me,I personally never heard of this brand but OMG everyone needs one or more of these in their collections, very little goes a long way but the smell of this lippie is amazingly delicious, like an array of just iced cupcakes. My next item is really funky to me, the concept is super dope,Star Looks Pro Luxembourg Pen – Artist Edition, it is literally the coolest liquid eyeliner in my posession. On one of the ends you have a normal felt tip liner but the other has a star stamp to get your Kat Von D on. This is genius I hope they have different stamps and colors. I highly recommend this product. The last item I received is Rosarco Milk reparation leave in conditioning spray by Briogeo. It smells great and is really thick, since it is a sample I just got one use out of it to properly judge this product, it does have coconut oils which I can’t get enough of and a blend of rosehip and argan oils as well. Overall I’m pretty ecstatic with my IPSY bag this month and I’m patiently waiting for June’s bag to be delivered.

The next subscription I belong to is the Morphe Me Brush Club from Live Glam. Words can’t express how excited I get every month when I see the black envelope with the #Morphe Me logo in my mail box. My ultimate beauty obsession are makeup brushes and my favorite brand is Morphe, they are chic, outstanding quality and ridiculously affordable, what more can I ASK FOR!!! This subscription is similar to IPSY when it comes down to earning points, you get 100 points every month that gets tallied in order to be redeemed for items on the Live Glam website. Say you don’t like your brushes you have the option of trading them for past month’s brushes, or if you feel you don’t want the upcoming brushes you can have that month skipped as well. I think this is great because as a customer you’re not stuck with items you don’t want or need. I personally haven’t skipped any brushes for FOMO, but I haven’t been disappointed yet and I’m going on 6 months with this brush club. You can also recommend up to 10 friends and if they become members each of you get a free brush. You can get between 3-7 brushes a month depending on the collection in that particular month for $19.99. They also state that you never get the same brush twice and I definitely can vouch this. This is such a great value. They also have a lippie and nail polish club as well for the same price. I do not belong to these. Let’s dive right in, I received 5 brushes this month and their theme is Voyage to Glam. For those of you familiar with Morphe their brushes aren’t labeled with their names…The brushes I got are the G1 which is a small buffer brush, the G40 which is a Pro detail powder brush, the G41 which is a mini contour brush, the G19 which is a round liner contour brush, and last but not least the G38 which is a mini round contour brush.

Finally the last subscription I belong to is the Sephora Play, surprisingly this is the least favorite of mine so far. It took me forever to get accepted into the subscription which didn’t sit well with me, I mean why does anyone who wants to join a club have to be put on a waiting list especially if they are willing to pay you. Another issue I have is that they tax the fee inoted of it being $10 a month they charge $10.89, on top of that the points system they have isn’t suitable for me. You get 50 points added to your Sephora VIB every month that you are subscribed the catch is you have to go to your local Sephora and purchase an item and hand the card to the service clerk to be added to your account. As a NOTORIOUS ONLINE SHOPPER this does nothing for me in fact I have lost a total of 150 points because of this.Besides that the reason they aren’t pleasing me is because I guess I have such high expectations from Sephora, you can go anywhere with seeing someone with the iconic black and white gift bag or gift card holder. They are the mother of beauty in my eyes and so is Ulta. This is my third month with Sephora but I’m not happy with the items curated for me. I will say that this month’s bag design is really cute, it is clear like the IPSY bag but it says Play in red all over the bag in different fonts.

The first item I received in my Sephora Play box is a gentle foaming face wash for Skin Laundry, I love the the light fresh scent almost reminiscent to Johnson’s original baby wash, it has a thick consistency which I love because it shows me that it has good quality, suitable for normal to sensitive skin which is what I personally need my skin tends to become irritable if you stare at it too long. The next item I received is the Hungarian water essence moisturizer from Belif, I haven’t really heard of this company so I will test this out some more, we can never have too many moisturizers. The next item is an Omega 9 hair mask from Rahua, it is 100% plant derived and rainforest grown. While it did make my hair super managable, I don’t really stray away from my holy grail hair products. The next item is a matte lip color by Nudestix in the shade Greystone, the shade is more of a deep mauve to me, it does go on smooth and it is very pigmented, another lippie to add to my growing collection. The final item I received is my favorite item out the whole bag, a mini highlight stick by Trestique cosmetics in the shade Maldives Luminescent. They nailed it with this highlighter the shimmer you get out of this minature stick is massive, it is also multi functional, looks great on the lids and lips fora all around healthy natural glow. Can’t be that. Get your Glow on with this highlight stick. As a bonus Sephora also gives you a fragrance sample every month, this month I got Tocca by Stella. At first it wasn’t my cup of tea but as the fragrance got less intense it turned into a nice soft scent almost like Tresor.

Overall I got some Great items and some not so Great items this month. I guess I can’t have it all but one things for sure I am already waiting for June’s picks to be mailed out. For those of you who have made it through this post I sincerely thank you and hope you return to see what other posts I come up with. All items mentioned or photographed on this blog are products that I personally own. I am not affiliated with any of this companies nor am I being copensated for my opinions. I AM JUST A GIRL WITH OPINIONS.

Until the next one…