What Is Up Swatch Queen’s Everywhere,

I thought I’d share a beauty hack of mine. It’s super easy and best of all Super Cheap. The cost of items $1.99 and the knowledge PRICELESS!! So I know we all tend to get wrapped up with labels and pay a hefty amount of money just because of a product’s name and or promises of customer satisfaction. Believe me I am a slave to these labels myself but a Bi@$% likes to save some coins as well, so if I can find a dupe or an alternative, then Im on that Like White On Rice. So my beauty hack that Im sharing with you Queen’s is my makeup brush cleaning tip. The best part is that the items needed are already in your kitchen, yes kitchen!! Ok you will need a bowl of course, warm to slightly hot water ( def your choice ), Dawn dish soap THE BLUE ONE 3x More and Distilled Vinegar.


As you can see, any brand vinegar will do and you can also use Apple Cider Vinegar. For those of you that dont know vinegar has alot of household uses, it also helps lower cholesterol, helps skin issues, it is an anti-bacterial that boosts your immune system as well. Dawn also has an anti-bacterial agent, I mean this stuff saves Wildlife, so this will abolish the dirt and bacteria our brushes pick up.

What To Do:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water
  2. Add a couple of drops of Dawn dish detergent
  3. Add a cap full or two capfulls of vinegar to the water
  4. Stick brushes or sponges into the water letting them sit for a few minutes
  5. Remove each brush one by one with warm water running from your sink and run the brush bristles on your palm in a up and down motion, this removes all the dirt from within the brushes
  6. Rinse brushes with warm water and squeeze excess water from the bristles
  7. Lay brushes down flat on a clean paper towel to air dry
  8. For sponges I recommend really squeezing all water out of them, since they do swell up while wet

Let everything dry over night, and just like that you have clean, sterilized brushes and sponges, this stuff also deodorizes.

Trust Me You Will Be Amazed At How Well This Works!! 

Dirty Brushes
Dirty Sponges



Make Sure You Get All Excess Out


All Done: Nice and Clean
Day After: Brush Bristles Are Back to Normal

I hope you find this tip helpful, please remember I am not affliated with the items used to demonstrate this tip.


** There’s still time to enter my Prit-Tae Little Things Giveaway which ends Sept 4th. 

I would love you to try this at home and let me know how it worked out for you…

Until the next one…


8 thoughts on “So Fresh and So Clean

      1. thanks for your input, I will definitely keep this in mind for future posts. thanks for the support.


    1. Any brush you currently own this is good for, you dont have to wear makeup everyday for this method, it’s more of a getting rid of bacteria our utensils collects.


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