What’s Up Swatch Queens,

She/Me/Her decided to get a little personal and bring you into my beauty world at home. What does every makeup lover need in her life besides her makeup? A Vanity!!! Now dont get me wrong I’m not as priviledged to have a beauty room all to myself as of yet, but I have a little space I can call my own. It is my throne so to speak, my prized possesion, my baby, my one huge purchase that I dont regret and recommend. Vanities embodies elegance, class, sophistication and glamour.

My Vanity Top
  • 4 piece acrylic organizer that I took apart
  • White and gold polka dot and baby pink letter organizer that I use to store my pallettes
  •  Candle jar I store my beauty blenders
  • Mugs I use as brush holders for my Morphe and Real Techniques brushes
Acrylic Holder I used to hold my concealers
My daily skincare station and NYX lipliners
  • 20170901_220327
    My bronzers, blushes, highlighters, pressed powders Acrylic holder from Impressions Vanity with removable slots
    My Essie nail polishes, Maybelline foundations, skin care samples
    Acrylic 70 slot lipstick holder from Impressions Vanity
    4 piece Acrylic Organizer from Impressions Vanity. My concealers, color correctors, tweezers, brow brushes, mascaras, eye primers
    Eyeliners, NYX Butter Glosses, NYX, Eye Bases, Glitter Primer, Be Gone Lip Color Remover, Elf Setting Kit
    My Skin Care Stash, Mini Lip Samples
    My Hair Care Drawer
    My Makeup Bag Drawer
    Pictures Above My Vanity


The Royal Chair from Impressions Vanity
Top View of My Dresser
  • Perfume collection
  • Jewlery Box with 2 Tier Bracelet Holder from Home Goods
  • Initial M from Home Goods and Pineapple Candle from TJ Maxx
  • Light up Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Crown Ring & Earring Dish
  • Sparkle Trinket Dish
My Bracelets


Frames above my dresser and command jewlery or necklace holder

DKNY Drapes
Shag Rug from Home Goods , Sitting/Storage Bench and My Pillows from Wayfair for Decor
Different Coco Chanel Sayings
Photo Collage Frame and Necklace Holder from Home Goods

It’s not much but I am happy with how my space turned out. I will continue to update, add more Alex drawers, get more acrylic organizers, shelving, ect.. I will definitely bring you along for the ride as well.

Hope I have inspired you to create your own personal oasis that works for you.

Until the next one… Please leave any comments or questions, they are Greatly Appreciated.




One thought on “She Sits On Her Throne

  1. I really loved that u shared ur personal space! Super cool! You”ve inspired me to recreate my space! I love ur bligs! Thank you and i cant wait for the next!!


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