What’s Up Swatch Queens,

So I’ve decided to break up my monthly goodies posts. It can be alot of products to go through at once. So I finally redeemed my last 700 points I’ve saved on a brush set from July 2016 collection. I wasn’t a member then so I needed these babies in my collection.

This month’s theme is Aquatic Dreams. Blend Blend Blend!!!

E6 – Flat Buffer brush ( can’t wait to see how my foundation looks using this brush )

M577 – Jumbo Crease brush

M578 – Pencil Crease brush

M576 – Pointed Blender


As for the brush set I redeemed I received five brushes in that collection.

M310 – Large Soft Fan Brush

E18 – Elite II Round Crease Brush

E22 – Pointed Blender

E48 – Mini Pointed Powder

M432 – Master Pro Brush – Flat Line Definer


I love the sound of elite and master pro brushes, makes my collection more valuable to me. I know I deff surpassed the amount of brushes a girl needs but hey YOLO and I have issues with FOMO big time.

I am so glad I came across this club… So worth it. Thinking of joining?


For every person you refer you and your friend receives a free brush as well.


Until the next one…


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