For the past two years I have set goals for my hair in search for a healthier mane. Last year I completely stopped blow drying my hair. For the past three years I stopped coloring it so frequently. I now just air dry and visit my hair salon once a year by getting an Ombre or Bayalage which believe it or not it last me an entire year, well longer I just retouch it yearly. I was one who hated seeing roots. I was literally killing my hair.

Moving foward another bad habbit of mine was waxing my widow’s peak, I’ve always hated having this since JHS, sick I know, it wasn’t till this past summer that I said you know what just accept that this is your hairline and just like that I began growing it out. It is now past my chin. Along with growing this out I had completely cut flat ironing my hair, I go months in between. I have developed my top knots and pineapple buns in the process, or using head wraps, twist, braids, ect.. I tell you it’s so liberating of not having that pressure that one must look a certain way in public or perceived of being perfect. I don’t want to instill to my daughter that she must spend hours acheiving a certain look to be considered beautiful. I love makeup don’t get me wrong but only for the glamour in it not because I need it to feel beautiful. It’s a form of expressing yourself, an artistry, but I am not bound by it.

My new journey consist of strictly sticking to certain hair products. I rarely stray away from my holy grails. I always giveaway hair products included in my monthly subscriptions. I truely recommend finding that brand and or brands that significantly helps your hair process and stick to those, trust me it works. Even the professional haircare products Im limited to It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin or the Miracle Silk Leave-In and the CHI 44 Iron Guard spray whenever I decide to use heating tools. As for the products I use day to day that I can’t leave without are my Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti – Breakage & Anti – Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Cream and Leave -In Conditioner. This line has such a delightful scent of Coprah Coconut Oil/ Calendula & has Pro – Vitamin B5. For added shine I use the Black Vanilla Hair Sheen. Let’s not forget those baby hairs, to keep them laid I use the Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother. 



The other brand I stick to is Shea Moisture. My favorite and staple in my hair care routine is there 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I apply this to my towel dried hair before I put my hair in a top knot, it seals in so much moisture that when I take my hair out the next day beautiful moist ringlets is what Im rockin’. Hint the longer you leave your hair untouched the better your mane. When I leave my braids & or buns in for two days the product has work alot more effectively. Another product I love from this company is their  Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3,6,9 Rescue + Repair Co Wash, this is a gem to me because its my go to product for when I want to wash my hair more frequently during the week. order hereNone of these items strip your hair of their natural oils.


So to help with my new process of growing my hair out I have started taking Biotin 5000 mcg vitamin supplement. It’s been about 2-3 weeks so far and I have noticed an increase in hair shine and my nails are a bit stronger. I will gradually increase in the mcg as I go along. I also incoporated a scalp massager that I use when washing my hair, I make circular motions on my scalp to produce circulation to my scalp for a faster hair growth. I have a manual right now but Im thinking of upgrading to the battery operated one which is a bit pricey.  I seen them on Vanity Planet for $40 and come in nine diffrent colors check for yourself at here.

Vanity Planet Scalp Massager


I hope I can encourage you to start your own hair journey!! I will keep updating my progress. I know this will be another goal I can check off my list… I would love to hear about your hair routines.

Until the next one…




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