Before I begin I MUST give a huge shout out to the lovely Brooke Clarke if it wasnt for one of her post I wouldn’t be here today posting this. Please if your not following her blog please do so, she has great topics, and some hidden gems we all can learn from.

So there’s a company called Influenster where you can review items that you normally buy. The program sends out thousands of boxes a month  also known as a VoxBox full of complimentary items for you to review in hopes that you use your social media to let others know about these products. You get an impact score everytime you review an item and the higher your impact score the better chances you have to receive a VoxBox.

This month I was chosen to participate in the CoverGirl Peacock VoxBox. This is very exciting to actually have a product I normally wouldn’t purchase to review. I love that my opinions matter and could potencially influence others.


The two items I received complimentary for reviewing purposes from Influenster are the CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara in Extreme Black and the Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick in the shade Gelebrity. 

Let me tell you I truly found two great products I can add to my makeup collection. This mascara is everythang. When I tell you it really made my natural lashes appear as if I was wearing falsies. It truly fans out your lashes, I even applied it to my lower lashes which I normally don’t do and I loved the effect it gave me. It didnt leave messy clumps or clump my lashes together. I also love how the bottle and handle is flat on the side so it provides a better grip when applying, the brush has alternating layers of bristles which I believe layers the formula evenly.

I have seen the Melting Pout at my local drugstore but didn’t think to pick it up, I totally slept on this product. I didn’t expect this color to look so nice on me. I love the sponge applicator because you get to control how much product gets pushed out of the tube. It also allows you to apply the color closer than lipsticks without the need for lipliner. Super light weight and creamy formula. I recommend both these products.

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