Before I begin I want to wish all My Queens out there a Happy Black History Month… May we keep Slayin’ Together!!!

This month’s box was only three items. I’m glad that they are full sized products so I know I got my money’s worth.

First item is the Nova palette by Crown Pro. First impression gave me a Princess Jasmine feel, very Aladdin vibe with the teal, royal blue and gold colors.

When you open the palette it says Bohemian Beauty under the mirror. A combination of eyeshadows, blush, highlight, lipcolor and eye pencil. The looks are endless with these nine intense shimmer shadows. You only get one matte color but I’m pretty sure it’s workable.

Next item is the ThermalZyme Heat Powered Renewal Mask by Chaleur. It is a 1.7 oz jar which will last a long time. All you need is a pump 2-3 times a week.

The last item is a matte lip color by Sheree Cosmetics in Chic Nude. I love this shade it’s the right nude color for my skin tone and to do ombre lip looks.

I loved these items and can’t wait to see what March brings me.

If you wish to rest Yes,Oh Yas out for yourself use my code Prittae3 for Money Off Your First Box.

Until the next one…

Any comments are always welcomed


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