Renaissance a cultural movement that began in Florence, Italy but later spread throughout Europe. During this era which began 1350 and ended in 1600 people experienced changes in art, learning, etc…

ABH has changed the game forever with this palette. A beauty like no other, worthy of it’s name in every which way. A palette that commands it’s presence. A modern rebirth to the makeup world and vanities across the globe.

I purchased this magnificent palette the second week of its release and it is still perfectly untouched. I only handle her to admire the rich tones and hues selected to perfection along with the buttery soft velvet casing. She is like the Good China you bring out on Thanksgiving.

But as masterful ABH Modern Renaissance will always be to me, I must share that Wet & Wild did what modern companies do ( no pun intended) and that’s create a dupe.

There I was at my local Walgreens looking at how Wet & Wild updated their makeup line for the Spring. As I made my way down to their 10 pan eyeshadow palettes I felt a sense of deja vu with one particular palette. Rose In The Air #758. As I gazed at her it suddenly hit me. That Iconic Berry Tone I’ve seen before.

Naturally I purchased the palette and did a comparison to the Modern Renaissance and boom it was definitely a dupe. If interested ABH MODERN RENAISSANCE palette is $42 and the Wet & Wild palette is just $4.99 saving you $37.

ABH has 14 hues while W&W has 10 hues, but I truly feel they have captured the essence of the Modern Renaissance palette by incorporating their main colors.


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