For those of you who are actively involved in Instagram’s beauty community you are familiar with the random giveaways makeup companies and influencers host on a daily.

I must admit I religiously enter any giveaway and always tag fellow beauty enthusiasts. I found that by paying it forward it allowed me to receive tags from other ladies as well.

The company LAB2 HOSTED a giveaway and of course I entered it and tagged a few people and went about my day, a few days later a Insta Story was sent to me and to my surprise I was the big WINNER!!! I couldn’t believe I actually won two of their new oval brushes and a beauty sponge. I sent the company my address and less than a week later I was opening my brand new brushes.

I did my own Insta Story thanking LAB2 for their generosity.

Moral of this post put yourself out there, get involved and always pay it forward you never know what buried treasures are waiting for you.

BTW these are amazingly soft… I found a kit at Walgreens and had to splurge on them.

Until My Next Post…


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