We all wasted money on some As Seen On T.V. item that promises wonders. RIGHT? I myself was always leary until NOW!! But I must warn you I had owned the product for a month before even using it and now I only wished I used it as soon as I purchased it.

So how many of you are familiar with the Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover ? I am here to put you ON. This ISH WORKS. I even came to work and showed my co-workers, needless to say they all purchased one.

Little back story I had a mustache, just a common Puerto Rican problem. Every time I got my eyebrows shaped the lovely lady always reminded me of it (you want mustache too ). I always gave her a polite Hell No!! But honestly how Rude..

Two weeks to be exact I was at home bored looking at my facial hair and decided to put the Finishing Touch Flawless to the test. I followed all instructions on how to insert the battery and how to remove the unwanted hair which is in circular motions. I did it, the skin was left baby smooth without any shadow where the hair use to be. But the true test is how your hair grows back, they claim that your hair won’t ever grow back thick. And you know WHAT they are right. It still didn’t grow back all my hair and it’s been two weeks.

I am a believer and I have tested this out 100% and I highly recommend this product, so sleek you can carry it anywhere, removable blade where all the loose hair shavings are kept for easy cleaning with a built in light so you can use it anywhere.

I am not affiliated with Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover. These are my genuine opinions on this product in which I have purchased with my own money.

Until My Next POST Queens…


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