Why does dust even exist? What it’s purpose other than to annoy us!! I HATE DUSTING, it consumes my day and energy.

I found a great way to keep dust from my vanity and makeup palettes. It usually last about two weeks before I have to clean it again.

My secret to keeping my space clean is baby wipes. YES!!! IT WORKS. I use the Huggies Simply Clean fragrance free wipes. I love that they come in travel packs of twenty four for only One Dollar. I also love the quality of these wipes. They are thick so it’s durable but gentle enough for your surfaces including any acrylic organizers, light bulbs, etc… Ya need to keep these on deck, trust me!!!

I even use them on some of my wood surfaces around the house. I know it will lock the dust in and won’t be abrasive to my furniture.


I hope my little tricks help keep vanities and palettes clean and free of dust as well. Give it a try you won’t regret it.

Until My Next POST Queens…


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