I hoard so much makeup that my Alex drawers need some seroius decluttering. As I prepared to write my May’s Monthly Subscription post I found past subscriptions from Boxy Charm and Yes, Oh Yas. Terrible I know not only does this highlight that I’ve negleted my responsibility as a beauty blogger but that I need to create a better system for myself.

March’s Yes, Oh Yas Box

  • BellaPierre XII Go Natural Palette
  • BellaPierre Precious Diamonds Hand & Body Lotion
  • BellaPierre Precious Diamonds Magic Buffer
  • BellaPierre Precious Diamonds Nail File
  • BellaPierre Precious Diamonds Cuticle Treatment
  • Beauty Coco Charcoal Teeth Whitening
  • Beauty Coco Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Infused Bristle

If you wish to try Yes, Oh Yas you can use my code Prittae3 for money off your order

You can also alter which shipments you want from month to month without being removed from the subscription. i love this option because I get to view the months item and decide if I want to purchase .


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