Many of us count on our favorite blogger, vlogger, Youtuber, and influencer as role models. But what happens when these influencer’s true thoughts are exposed, will you still admire them and their body of work? Like politics and religion one’s truest thoughts can divide us especially when the topic is RACE!! 

For those of you whom are unaware of the drama recently surrounding the Beauty Community let me bring you up to speed. Laura Lee a public figure, beauty guru, YouTuber, Morphe Babe, Boxy Charmer was exposed on a comment that she tweeted six years ago. Now I know there’s a possibility of people changing their views within time so I did remain skeptical, but how she handled the situation is was I didn’t approve of which lead me to completely unfollow her from all social media handles and will not SUPPORT HER FUTURE ENDEAVORS.

Her comment ” Tip For All Black People If You Pull Your Pants Up You Can Run From The Police Faster” in which she then proceeded with the #yourwelcome. Did she really think she helped the African American community???? This is beyond stereotypical and ignorant. Innocent men, women and children sadly of African American decent are being murdered, harassed and incarcerated by police, I’m a mother raising bi-racial children. She would never understand to be targeted simply because of the color of your skin, to be judged because of the color of your skin, to be denied opportunities because of the color of your skin. We have to work ten times harder to solidify ourselves.

Other Tweets:

Curtesy of Michelle (@michellepiazzax)

As she deleted her Twitter handle because of all the backlash she was receiving, it was followed up with a bullshit video titled ” My Apology ” in which she sobbed stating that she is disgusted with herself. She blamed her ignorance on being raised in small town of Alabama, in which people from Alabama also took offense.

I am however glad to say Ulta has cut ties with Laura Lee, CEO of Boxy Charm has made a Instagram video stating that he DOES NOT and WILL NOT support her, Morphe has removed her from the Babe list and her products cannot be bought on their site as well, she can’t be found on the Colour Pop site. She has lost over 419,000 followers and counting.

This one discovery has lead to other discoveries within the Beauty Community there’s other racist tweets that has surfaced of Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Gabriel Zamora. Daisy Marquez using the N word as well. I don’t follow these accounts either.

I would love to hear any thought’s on this issue, I’m only blogging what is offensive to me and by all means everyone is entitled to their own opinions but if “I Dont Stand For Something … I’ll Fall For Anything”



One thought on “Beauty Community In Shambles

  1. Fire post. Me being a mother of two bi-racial young boys, Caucasian’s will never understand the endless worries we have to face when it is that time to send our youth into this cruel and racist world. And as an Afro- Latina I’m beyind disgusted that these individuals would clearly say such idiotic things. But would not tuned down an African American money when they purchase your products tho. #foodforthought


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