I’ve been eyeing this product for weeks, the price tag was a bit pricey for me due to my lack of uncertainty. So you know I was excited when it finally went on sale!! After cleansing my face with my Avene Cleanance cleanser I applied the peel off mask. The squeeze tube gave me some problems but I won’t hold that against them because it may just be my inability due to R.A. The spatula which is affixed to the bottle is suppose to make applying the mask easier which I don’t completely agree with, I had to re-apply two to three times on the same area being that minimal product is released through a little slit in the spatula.



Once the mask was finally on, you are to leave on for ten minutes in which the mask should harden. While it somewhat did harden I found that removing the mask is where I encountered the problem. You can use the rubbery spatula to lift the sides up and then remove the mask entirely. The spatula only adhered to the mask removing it in bits and pieces, frustrated I just washed the entire mask off. My skin was soft but it defeated the purpose of lifting away any blackheads.

To recap, I do not recommend this product. You want a product to actually work especially for the price tag. This mask retails for $16.99, I bought it on sale at 25% off and still paid TOO MUCH!!!

Which peel-off masks do you recommend?

Until my next post…



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