I literally believe that your brows are your face best accessory. I have no shame in rocking my flaws whether it be my acne prone skin which I am currently experiencing now or dark circles under my eyes, but if I let my brows get out of hand I feel that it takes away from my appearance. Can anyone relate?

A few weeks ago I was watching one of  @BeautyyBird’s Youtube videos and she made a comment that she no longer waxes her brows due the continuous pulling of the skin that will eventually as we get older cause the skin to sag. So me being on my anti-aging crusade I decided to ban my waxing as well and finally got my eyebrows threaded.

First Impression: Not painful at all, actually tolerable.

Brows look super clean as if I cleaned them up with concealer.

My only complaint initially was that I felt she took away the fullness of my natural brow structure.

Lasted me a WHOLE MONTH!!!

I just recently went back for my second visit and I am trully never getting waxed again, it cost me less, last way longer and my skin does not get any irritations.



Highly Recommend

Until My Next Post…


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