Eyelashes what are their natural born purpose? To help keep dirt and other substances from going into our eyes. They act as a sheild preventing infections.

But let’s be real is that the reason why there’s a National Day to Honor them!!! Of COURSE NOT. Truth is the beauty community can’t live without them, they contribute to tying in your whole makeup look.

I consider myself a natural lash type of person but I do appreciate a great lash look. I opt for a natural looking when picking them out for myself, since I am a beginner in the LASH GAME and dont really need them.

Tips On Applying Your Lashes

  • Trim Lashes – measure the strip against your eyelid and trim the excess.
  • Apply Glue – let glue dry for 30 seconds. It should feel tacky before applying.
  • Apply Lashes – look down, not straight ahead into your mirror while keeping your eyes open.

My Picks ( Eyelure The Vlogger Series )

  • Nikki PhillippiFlirty Feline
  • Nikki PhillippiFloral Luxe
  • Nicole GuerrieroFaux Flawless
  • Ann LeSo Lush


  • Kiss Lash CoutureLittle Black Dress
  • Kiss Looks So NaturalFlirty 5 pack
  • Latex Free Brush On Strip Lash AdhesiveClear

Whether you’re looking for a natural, glam or dramatic look make sure you head over to your local beauty supply, drug stores and Ulta for their one day events this February 19th. For my ladies who want an extra treat eyelash extensions is another option. Whatever you choose dont forget to BAT THOSE LASHES!!!

Your local Daune Reade and Walgreens have lashes on sale Buy 1 Get 1 50% off till the 23rd but have exclusive coupons while supplies last.

Ulta is having a 30% off sale on Tarte, House of Lashes and PUR lashes tomorrow only.





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