So it’s been a hot minute since I have posted on my blog. This past couple of months had me take a step back due to health issues and the need to really trully decide what direction I want to pour my passion into. With that being said beauty, fashion, lifestyle and culture are still Great Loves of mine and probably always will.

I want to thank those of you who are following this blog it means alot to me.

All items mentioned in this list, I stand 1000% behind and use daily.

  • Mini Beauty Fridgethis was the best money spent. I purchased my fidge from Beauty Fridge Co. you can check their Instagram feed and get directed to their website. This keeps all my skincare products, face masks, eye masks, beauty tools nice and cold so it feels indulgent and soothing when applied to my skin. It helps prolong the shelf life of your products, and does wonders for any products used for de-puffing. Retails at $99 your choice of Ballet Slipper or Hint of Mint.


  • Acne Free Oil Free Acne Cleanserwithin a month of my first initial use it got rid of my texture problems, shrunk most of my pores, got rid of most of my blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts. The price point is $8 or the entire kits for $23 which includes face wash, mattifying toner and moisturizer. Can be found at Walgreens, Amazon and Walmart.


  • Acne Free Blackhead Removing Scrubthis scrub is gentle on my skin for daily use and has 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment, Charcoal and Jojoba. Great exfoliator . $8


  • Acne Free Witch Hazel Mattifying Toner I always use witch hazel as my facial toner due to it’s natural ingredients and my skin’s sensitivity. I have combo skin so this toner is perfect in keeping me oil and shine free, I tend to use this during the Fall, Spring and definitely Summer seasons. I get extra dry in the Winter so I opt to use another toner. $8
  • Dickinson’s Witch Hazel I use two versions of this toner, the original Pore Perfecting toner and the Enhanced Hydrating toner with Rosewater which I am currently using. I love the light scent of rosewater this toner leaves on my skin and how hydrated my skin feels especially now that I have extra dry skin. I also have the Hydrating Facial Mist which also has Rosewater in it. $6 – $9
  • Oil of Olay Ultimate Hydration Essence Cooling Face Mist I use this every morning and evening after applying my toner, I gently press it into my skin with my jade roller. I have owned all three variations. Currently using the Cooling with Cucumber Water & White Mint. Feels great when chilled too. $14


  • Fourth Ray and Beauty Rose Quartz Jade Roller for those of you who are skeptical about this get it, you wont regret it, I have incorporated this tool into my skincare routine and I believe it helps, I use it to press my face mist into my pores. It has such a therapeutic feeling, but the benefits of using a jade roller are:
  • the gentle pressure helps stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed.
  • encourages lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow, which boosts the skin’s natural detoxification process.
  • draws away toxins, this allows a gentle toning and lifting effect.
  • improves elasticity, reduces inflammation. $18


  • Real Techniques Under Eye Reviverthis can be found in their Prep & Prime Set, it’s a metal dome shape eye roller that doesn’t actually roll so it keeps it clean from bacteria that goes into the ones that do roll. I keep this in my beauty fridge as well so that it works better at depuffing my eyes. I apply my eye treatment and then press the treatment into my under eyes using the eye reviver. A Must Have!!! $12


  • Vichy Idealia Face Serum – one of the best serums I own, currently my go to. $40


  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Dark Spot Corrector with SPF 15 – this is a 2 oz bottle but it last a long time, I the Postively Radiant entire line and have used all the items, I highly recommend this line as well. I get to correct any discoloration and my uneven skin tone while protecting my skin from the sun exposure. Always use a moisturizer with SPF. $10


  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Soothing Repair Moisturizer – this moisturizer gets deep into your skin leaving you extra hydrated. It is thick but light on the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling weighed down. Great for Winter months. $29


  • Shea Moisture 100% Amla Premium Oil Blendmost of you already know that Shea Moisture is my #1 brand, it is a staple in my household, this is part of my night time regimen, after cleansing and applying toner I massage this oil onto my face locking in my natural moisture. This provides anti-aging with Vitamins A and C. It is a miracle oil for hair, body and face. $11

I hope to influence someone with any of these great items mentioned in this post. What are some of your must haves?

All images are from each company’s website or Google images.



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